Grants for bushfire affected areas

Many regional communities were affected by the bushfires this summer. The landscape will recover, as it always does, since fires have been part of the natural cycle in Australia for thousands of years. However, the devastating damage to property and the infrastructure of our society will be more difficult to cope with. It will take time and effort to rebuild the roads and houses, recover the losses of local businesses and regenerate the land for crops and livestock.

If you have been affected personally, or your business or organisation needs extra help with recovering from the bushfires there is help available in form of government grants and other financial support. Please read the latest issue of the Grants Newsletter from Independent local MP Helen Haines to find out more!

SOAP is an incorporated association focusing on educating property owners about the important principles of making your future home sustainable and efficient. We will offer assistance to those who lost their homes and are looking to rebuild, feel free to contact us if you like to talk! We will also be preparing workshops that can be delivered through local councils in the bushfire affected areas – watch this space for an announcement soon!