New video to show the benefits of SOAP

Thanks to Howard we have an amazing new promo clip to showcase the benefits of SOAP principles when planning your new home!

Home owners often forget how the process works and overlook the fact that there are many vested interests in the supply chain of new housing. Developers and builders want to maximise their profit and care less about the sustainability or efficiency of the new dwelling. Of course, they might have the best of intentions, but in reality they do not know the wishes and desires of owner they have not met yet. And if they do meet them in their display homes their focus is on selling them the features and homes they have…! Let’s change the approach to the way we plan, design, and build our houses in Australia! If you are involved as a planner, Council member, or a professional in the industry why not ask us for a free consultation and maybe arrange a workshop – we will soon have a series of presentations planned for May and June this year.